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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aren't There Any Happy Endings?

Following is the foreword from my upcoming collection of short stories, entitled "Aren't There Any Happy Endings?"

It will be available in all e-formats, and perhaps paperback at a later date if there is demand for it.


The book you hold in your hands on your e-reader of choice is a collection of my short stories written over a span of about 20 years, perhaps a little longer. Some have been previously published in other collections or genre magazines, some have been shared with friends and family, and a few have never been seen by eyes other than my own.

Most of these stories contain elements of horror, with perhaps a touch of fantasy and a few sprinklings of the supernatural. But the characters within these stories are very real. They could be you or me or someone you know, and you will likely recognize a bit of yourself in some of them. But I should warn you—the majority of these characters are not likeable. They are not heroes, nor are they villains. They are not overcoming great obstacles or creating great works of importance or changing the world for the better. Many of them are simply lost, or miserable, or cruel, or just empty souls wandering through life without ever finding direction.

Despite all this, you will still want to read about them, because haven't we all felt some of that at some point in our own lives?

Thankfully, for many of us, those feelings of loss, despair, and hopelessness are faded memories, and we enjoy better, happier lives. But not all of the characters in these stories are able to share the same happy endings.

And that is where the true horror of the story lies—in the idea that not everyone always gets a happy ending. The hero doesn’t always save the day, the right words aren't always said, and the right choices aren't always made.

It's the horror of reality—maybe not yours or mine, not currently, and hopefully not ever, but many others face this horror everyday. Here are some of their stories…

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fantasy Under $5 — Popular "The Tales of Tanglewood" YA Fantasy Now on Smashwords

With chatrooms and fantasy fiction forums inundated on a daily basis with requests for new fantasy books recommendations, it is refreshing to see that many choices are available for under $5 as an e-book or other digital format. One such fantasy fiction series is The Tales of Tanglewood, by author Scott Michael Kessman. The first two novels in the YA fantasy series can be found in various digital formats at, and on the Kindle at

The first novel in the YA fantasy series, entitled “The Lon Dubh Whistle,“ received rave reviews and drew comparisons to such popular epics as Harry Potter and Eragon, and fans anxiously awaited the next installment.

The wait is over, as the second novel in the Tales of Tanglewood YA fantasy book series has been published by Lon Dubh Publishing. Entitled “The Curse of Satyr Stump,” the second novel continues the adventures of Colin, the boy with Blood of the Fey, and his fey companions, Ailfrid the ferrish, Deidre the elf, and the druid Bairtlemead Muffingrow.

The second novel also delves a bit deeper into Celtic mythology and Irish folklore, with an alternate take on the Celtic legend of Grainne and Fionn, and the introduction of classic Irish faerie creatures, such as leprechauns, the pooka, and the will-o-the-wisp.

Both novels in the YA fantasy book series are available in paperback at major booksellers online and can be ordered by most brick and mortar stores. They are also both available on the Kindle and in various other formats at for the low price of only $4.99 each—worthy additions to the list of fantasy under five dollars. In fact, the digital formats of both novels in the Tales of Tanglewood YA fantasy series have been outselling the paperback versions 3 to 1.

It should also be noted that while the Tales of Tanglewood books fall into the genre of YA fantasy, they have actually been enjoyed by the YA market and many adults as well. In fact, it seems as though an older audience has indeed found something magical in the Tales of Tanglewood series, perhaps a much needed reminder that magic does still exist in this world, if only we take the time to look.

Find out more about the Tales of Tanglewood YA fantasy book series written by Scott Michael Kessman, and how to purchase them for under five dollars at