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Friday, June 26, 2009

2nd Interview on BlogTalkRadio

2nd Interview hosted by Yolanda Renee on BlogTalkRadio on 6/18/09

I discuss my ideas and inspiration for The Tales of Tanglewood, and also writing and other subjects related to the book, the publishing industry and fantasy in general.

Tales of Tanglewood radio interview with author Scott Michael Kessman

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bairtlemead's Thoughts On Writing

Bairtlemead smiled again. “Words, written and spoken, are very magical indeed. Words have power; the power to hurt, the power to heal, to make you laugh or cry, to instill confidence, or to spread fear. Words can be very powerful, but if used incorrectly or for the wrong purpose, they can also produce disastrous results.

“The written word is also very powerful magic. It can be used to teach us many things, but it can be used falsely as well. It can also be used to tell wonderful stories.

"Writing is an art. It is a creative journey that begins in the mind, an impulse inspired by thoughts, pictures, feelings, and sounds. A writer takes those impulses and composes them into a format by which others can experience those same visions and ideas. A writer can transport you from your current surroundings to a mystical place of faraway legend. A writer can teach you about things you never knew before. Or a writer can lift one’s spirits toward the heavens and the stars, toward Alastar himself, and make someone else feel good and powerful. That, Colin, is great magic.”