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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Sheeaghan

I have noticed that many of the birds in the 'wood have taken a curious interest in me. I find them perched throughout the thick branches of the surrounding trees, observing me every time I exit Monohan's abode.

The druid has noticed this as well, and has told me to pay them no mind. They are the sheeaghan, fey birds sent by the elves to keep me under watch. The elves have little trust in kynney deiney, and are not pleased with my presence here in Tanglewood.

But Monohan once resided amongst the kynney deiney too, and he assures me that I am perfectly safe to travel throughout the 'wood as I see fit, so long as I am careful not to intrude into a few particular areas, and to keep a watchful eye out for sprites and their tricks.

In the meantime, I have begun to grow comforted by the presence of the sheeaghan. I consider them companions, through a mutual respect for one another. Of course, this could all just be silly notion in my head, but I do enjoy waking to the call of the mourning dove and enjoying a cup of blackberry tea as the sun slowly rises over the treetops, highlighting the sheeaghan perched in the branches.

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