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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blackberry Tea

Blackberry tea is the drink of choice for many of the sheehogue in Tanglewood. But this is no ordinary tea. Made from a variety of herbs and spices and plump, ripe blackberries, the scent of the tea brewing over a fire instills the air with a heavenly, comforting aroma.

Served in wooden mugs, the rising steam is enough to calm jittery nerves, yet one sip of the marvelous elixir is enough to invigorate you. A mild sweetness accompanied by pungent spices and earthy undertones, the tea instantly livens your senses and instills within you the energy of a child.

When accompanied by Bairtlemead Muffingrow's delicious muffins, which hold a certain magic all their own, there simply isn't a better feast to be had.

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