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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Faerie Fort

Exploring the green countryside amongst the rolling hills of County Kerry in Ireland, we stumbled by what appeared to be a Faerie Fort; a large, circular grouping of trees, in which the fey were said to reside.

The Faerie Fort was surrounded by a tall barrier of thick undergrowth, easily deterring any who would seek entry, ans we would have likely continued back home had I not spotted what appeared to be a rather small opening. It was nearly cloaked in shadow, as the sun was beginning to set, but dared invitation, and we were both of a mind to oblige it.

Upon first pushing my head through the opening, I was greeted by a sight that was at once magical as at was surprising. Ireland is green, to be sure, but within the Faerie Fort, the colors were lush and vibrant, and the air was thick with a mysterious, magical essence that sent ripples of excitement circulating through my veins.

I pushed the rest of the way through and called for my wife to follow. Together, we stood within what could only be described as fairytale wonderland. The entire floor was a thick carpet of bright green clover, and thin vines wrapped their creeping tendrils up the lengths of the trees. We walked softly, breathing deep the fresh scents of the earth and the trees.

There was no discernible path to be found with the faerie fort, but the grouping of the trees formed sort of a spiral. If we were to have followed their subtle direction, it would have undoubtedlty led us to the center.

But within the Faerie Fort, it was rapidly growing dark, as the canopy of leaves overhead let little of the remaining sunlight through to light our way. It was as though the fey were teasing us, daring us to try to navigate our way through the Faerie Fort in the coming darkness. Suspiciously, the battery in our video camera began blinking a warning that it was about to expire, defying our attempt to film the magical beauty of this strange environment.

Reluctantly, we decided to take our leave of the place while scant light remained, but our exit was not without incident. A long, sharp thorn drew blood from the finger of my wife. Was it a warning? Or perhaps payment for a wish that was made within the fort?

One day, we shall return to County Kerry and the Faerie Fort, and walk to the center, to see what secrets lay under the protection of the fey, and what magic will ultimately be revealed.

The floor of the Faerie Fort covering with a carpet of clover

A night image of the Faerie Fort, just before the rising of the moon and the arrival of the fey...

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